Apollo Lunar Lander Program

Welcome to the website of Dr. Ray Arons. As a former rocket scientist on the NASA Apollo Program, he was a Member of the Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation's Lunar Module Propulsion Team.

The nation’s space programs have been in the media for the past four years. They include:

  • The last Shuttle Endeavor flight in August 2011 resulting in the loss of a low orbit payload delivery system.
  • The unreliability of the Russian Soyuz rocket to deliver supplies to the International Orbiting Space Center, and our nation's reliance on a non-industrial strength experimental SPACEX Dragon that is promising but currently has a limited payload capacity. 
  • On August 4, 2012, the successful landing of Curiosity, the Mars Science Laboratory, the nation largest complex rover ever sent to another planet.
  • The Constellation program, hardware ready, to be funding in 2014/2015  to return astronauts to the Moon and eventually Mars and lastly;
  • The death of astronaut Neil Armstrong, an American hero who was the first man to step foot on the Moon. 

With these rapid-fire events just occurring in 2011/2015, there is a need to provide students with facts versus fiction regarding the nation’s space program in the past, present and future. As an Apollo Lunar rocket scientist, Dr. Arons has prepared a range of presentations available for grades 4 to 12. Space travel has been his passion since studying mechanical engineering at Fairleigh Dickinson University and recruited at the dawn of space travel, to work on the Lunar Module rocket systems at the Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation.


In the next 10 years, there will be very few remaining original Apollo Lunar Module Rocket Scientists. The up close and personal presentation from one who was on-the-job when Neil Armstrong made his historic first steps on the moon surface is a rare and unique student experience. If you are interested in an enrichment program for your students from a minimum one hour to a full day, please feel free to contact Dr, Arons. He is fully aware of significant state and local educational budget constraints.  However, you will find him able to adjust his fees to stay within your budgetary limits.